Offline maintenance jobs abort with mount/dismount failures or failures to run IAPI/EAPI.


You may see a GOexchange job using one of the offline scripts abort with one of the following problems:


Any of the above problems can occur if an online Exchange backup is running at the same time as the GOexchange job and is targeting any store in the storage group that contains the store GOexchange is trying to maintain.

Microsoft's Exchange Backup API (used by all major backup vendors for their Exchange backup support) creates "locks" on Exchange resources while a backup is in progress.  These locks are created at the storage group level — thus impacting every store in the group — and are intended to prevent any other process from modifying anything in the group while the backup is in progress.  These locks will prevent GOexchange from changing the mount status of stores or from performing maintenance actions against the stores.


Schedule your GOexchange jobs to run at times other than when your backups are scheduled to run.

If necessary, you could use the Pre- and Post-Maintenance Custom Process settings of your GOexchange job to temporarily suspend your online backup system while the GOexchange job is running.

NOTE: If using the Pre-Maintenance Custom Process to trigger a backup, it is imperative that your backup command be written such that it is guaranteed to be finished when the Custom Process completes.  Otherwise, you may encounter one of the problems listed above.

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