Restoring with Drag-and-Drop

NOTE: Before attempting to Restore or Export data, review the DigiScope® Options Configuration Dialog to ensure that the options for the desired results are set.

DigiScope®’s intuitive Microsoft Outlook based interface allows for rapid navigation to any location within an Exchange database or PST file.  Utilize the drag-and-drop functionality to restore mailboxes, folders, messages, contacts, schedules and other email items directly to a production Exchange server.

  1. After Adding and Mounting the desired Offline source, navigate to the desired mailbox, folder, or items that you wish to restore from that Offline source.

  2. After Adding and Connecting to the desired Production database, navigate to the desired mailbox or folder in that Production database to which you wish to restore items.

  3. Drag-and-drop the source data to the desired target location.

Additional Drag-and-Drop Information

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