Job Specification - Action

The Action page defines the basic type of job that this is, the Exchange databases that it will target, and the major script settings that it will use.


To assign a maintenance Action:
  1. Give a Name for the job. We recommend a description that defines the scope of the job.

    Examples might include:

  2. Select the Script that the job will use.

    The script selection defines the major actions that the job will perform, and it further determines what options will be made available in this dialog.

  3. If the selected script allows specifying database targets, choose which stores to target and Work Areas to use in the Store list.

    For more detail, see: Store and Work Area Selection.

NOTE: If the script does not act on individual stores, the store list will be disabled.

  1. If the selected script displays Script Options below the Store list, configure those options as wanted.

    For a discussion of possible Script Options, see Error Correction.

NOTE: If the script does not have any special options, the Script Options section will not be displayed.

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