Restore Wizard

The Restore Wizard enables organizations to Restore selected items, folders, or mailboxes to:

NOTE: Before attempting to Restore or Export data, review the DigiScope® Options Configuration Dialog to ensure that the options for the desired results are set.

NOTE:  Restoration of deleted items via SingleTouch or the Restore Wizard is disabled by default to avoid unwanted recovery of items marked as deleted.  So to recover deleted items via the SingleTouch or Recovery Wizard actions, you must enable this ability among the SingleTouch/Restore Wizard Options.  Alternately, you may use the Drag-N-Drop functionality (which is not governed by this setting) to recover the deleted items to the desired location.

Use the Restore Wizard process to designate if mailboxes, folders or items should be restored to the original mailbox owner, public folder or a new location.

To Use the Restore Wizard
  1. After Adding and Mounting the desired Offline source, navigate in that Offline source to the desired database, mailbox, or folder node to be restored, and click the File > Restore Wizard... menu option.

  2. Next, the Restore Wizard will be displayed.

    The Restore Wizard will normally search your environment for possible matching mailboxes for the restore operation.  On this first page, you can control where and whether this search is performed.

  3. Do one of following:

  4. Depending upon what you selected in the previous step, and the results of any attempted searches, the wizard will be on one of two possible pages.

    Proceed to one of the following selections:

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