Restoring Mailboxes, Folders and Items to a Production Server

After a source is mounted within the Offline tree, you can easily restore content to a Production environment.  However, before attempting any restorations, please:

  1. Review the DigiScope® Options Configuration Dialog to ensure that the options for the desired results are set.

  2. Consider filtering the Offline or Production view.

    Applying a filter to the Offline or Production tree allows the operator to limit the number of mailboxes and sub folders viewed within the DigiScope® console.

    Once a filter is applied, Restore and Export actions will only be taken against the displayed items.  For example, if you apply an Offline filter to exclude Calendar items, then execute the Restore Wizard against an Offline database, the restore action will skip over Calendar items.


After reviewing and setting the desired options in the DigiScope® Options Configuration Dialog, and applying any desired filters, please continue with one of the following restoration options:

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